The Choice is Yours…

Experience tells us that the more we know about you, our clients, and your potential employees, the better able we are to make a successful career match. To meet your needs, Dennhardt & Associates offer three choices:

  • Direct Hire – We receive thousands of resumes annually, constantly reviewing candidate qualifications and personality for potential placements. With a more than 96% success rate, and because we value your satisfaction, Dennhardt is proud to guarantee our Direct Hire services, protecting your time and money.
  • Temp-to-Hire – Temp-to Hire allows you to see if the chemistry is right and the skills are there before committing to a final hiring decision.
  • Temporary – Maybe you only need a short-term replacement, or perhaps you’ve got a time sensitive project… Just call us with the assignment details and job requirements. We will provide you with the qualified candidate to suit your needs.

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If a Dennhardt Direct Hire employee voluntarily resigns or is discharged for cause by employer within 90 days of starting date, Dennhardt will replace the candidate at no cost to the employer.

Please note: Dennhardt does not provide replacements in the event of layoff, elimination of the position, internal transfer to a position eliminating a replacement opportunity, or a substantial change in the original job description. The replacement must be used within one year from the date of hire and may be applied to one position only.

Maximum Flexibility—Unbundle Your Options

For those clients who prefer to purchase services à la carte, Dennhardt & Associates can be placed on retainer, tailoring their offerings to your specific needs through Staffing Process Management.

More information on Staffing Process Management is a phone call away - 952.435.6655.

The Personal Touch

Char Dennhardt
The heart and soul of our organization, Char Dennhardt, CPC (Certified Personnel Consultant), applies decades of experience, a stellar track-record of successful placement, her highly developed professional expertise as well as modern screening and testing to find the right fit. She personally and thoughtfully assesses both employers and candidates, not just matching resumes to job descriptions but people to people. It's her personal touch that makes all the difference. Company Profile

Rave Reviews

"I'm extremely impressed with Char's personalized approach to sourcing candidates. She has taken the time to learn about our company's business model and culture, which enables her to identify an exceptional pool of candidates. Char strives to consistently exceed the expectations of a typical client-vendor relationship, and instead acts as a respected, reliable strategic business partner."

- Terri Pilaczynski, Director of H.R., Lancet