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Step 1) Submit your resume.

Be sure that your resume file is named with your first and last name and the word resume (Ex: Sue Smith Resume.docx)

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Step 2) Download and complete the Dennhardt Application: 

Application Application (88 KB)

Important! You will need to download a copy of the application form to fill in and submit. Review instructions for doing so here, or feel free to give us a call at 952-435-6655 for assistance.

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You will receive notification that we've received your information. If your application and qualifications relate to one of our current job searches, Char will contact you to set up a personal interview and coaching session. If we do not have any openings that match your skill-set, we will keep your information. We continually search our applicant database as new positions become available.

Step 4) Char discusses you with potential employers, looking for the right fit.

Step 5) You interview for the position you've been hoping for, and with your skills, energy, and personality, they'd be foolish not to hire you. Besides, if Char says you're qualified, you can be confident you are right for the job.


In order to get paid, please fill out and submit a timecard for each assignment by 10 a.m., on the Monday following the end of each week. You may fax (952.435.5336) it or send a scan.

Timecard (.pdf) Timecard (.pdf) (83 KB)

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