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Char Dennhardt
Char Dennhardt thrives on responding to challenging situations. From her early experiences teaching children with autism and serious mental health issues, to becoming the President and CEO of Dennhardt & Associates, Inc. and Dennhardt Temporaries, Inc., Char's gift and motivation has always been finding successful solutions to whatever issue is on the table.

In 1973, Char found a staffing services organization that did not charge applicants a fee. It was revolutionary, and Char loved that they'd found a solution to a difficult problem. She immediately went to work for them, adding her own entrepreneurial spirit to the mix. Over the next few years, Char developed her formula for success… Really get to know the clients well and treat every company and job-seeker professionally. When she eventually founded Dennhardt & Associates, Inc. and Dennhardt Temporaries, Inc., Char made sure that everyone in her organization lived up to that philosophy.

Dennhardt knows employers are stretched thin, both in terms of time and resources, so posting job opportunities, sifting through resumes, and screening applicants is inefficient and often ineffective. Likewise, job-seekers don't want to waste time applying for jobs they are unqualified for or won't want the moment they start working. Char uses all her skills and tools to match not just the skills to job requirements, but personality to company culture. Char is so confident that both employers and new hires will agree, she guarantees (link to guarantee text) her direct hire services.

It is her personal approach to personnel that makes the difference. And, Char continues to hone her skills, utilizing technology, testing and the best practices in the industry along with her impeccable instincts—developed through experience—to find not just solution, but truly successful ones for both job seekers and organizations.

Char cares. It's not enough for her to find a warm body to fill a vacancy, she wants people to be happy. When asked why she works in the personnel industry, Char Dennhardt did not hesitate, "I want people to do what they love. If they love what they do, they succeed. And, success leads to happiness and healthiness."

With offices conveniently located in Lakeville, Char can personally visit with virtually all her clients and candidates. Get to know the Dennhardt difference… Staffing with Heart. When you choose Dennhardt, You choose success.

Rave Reviews

"I appreciate the response, service and professional effort you put forth on our behalf. Your staff has done an outstanding job filling critical vacancies in our company."

- Larry Sedgwick, Johnson Radio Communications

If you know Char, you know her love for horses. Please feel free to visit Char's personal page for Country Pleasure Farms

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